2024 BlueHost Web Hosting Review

BlueHost is the pioneer of multiple domain hosting. With BlueHost you can add on unlimited domains under one single plan.

With their most popular package, you will receive Unlimited disk space, Unlimited of bandwidth, and top of the line features for only $6.95 a month.

Please read below for our in-depth review of BlueHost to see if this hosting company is right for you.

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BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost Host Ratings

Price Value 3/5
Customer Support 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Quality 5/5
Overall Score 5/5
Final BlueHost Score

BlueHost Introduction

Since 1996, Bluehost has been providing reliable web hosting services and packages to their customers. With a streamlined web site that doesn't seem to push the sale and a customer service driven attitude, Bluehost.com seems to offer less than the bigger hosts, but at a fraction of the frustration that can sometimes go along with being one of the many, rather than one of the few.

Our Initial Impression of BlueHost

We were very impressed with BlueHost. Although we found their customer support responses via live chat to be faster than average, their plan and added features make it one of the better hosts to trust with your website(s).

BlueHost Price Value

BlueHost is the first genuine web host where the large disk space and bandwidth offered is not a mere marketing gimmick. They are making sure that you have the ability to exhaust the allocated resources by allowing you to host up to 6 different websites under the same hosting account!

BlueHost also offers the awesome cPanel addon Fantastico. Fantastico allows you to install 48 popular scripts with just a few clicks. These scripts include blogs, content management tools, forums, polls, guestbook, shopping-carts, picture galleries, mailing lists, Wikis, etc. With Fantastico, you no longer need to manually install each script yourself, which by the way, could be a nightmare for non-savvy users.

BlueHost recently added a website builder to their package as well. Now you can quickly and easily design your first website using their drag and drop page building technology.

BlueHost Reliability

Bluehost provides no information via their website about the servers and other network hardware which they use. When emailing the company to find this information out, the only reply which was received was that the information requested was unavailable but they assured me that the latest technology was employed to ensure maximum uptime and performance. This may be discouraging for many who might have been considering this company for a hosting solution. Still, the company offers a maximum uptime and secure, reliable backups to support each site.

BlueHost Customer Support Options

Support is available via toll free number 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Or, you can contact them via email through their online support center or via their live help chat system featured on their home page. If you have a common problem, you can also try searching the knowledge base.

During our recent support request to the sales department via live chat, it took over 6 minutes to receive an initial response for a simple feature question. This request was made on July 1st, 2024 at 12:36 MST.

BlueHost Final Thoughts

Bluehost promises maximum uptime and offers a large amount of features at a very low and reasonable cost. Combine that with a free domain name, award winning customer service, and plenty of monthly bandwidth and you have a pretty solid web hosting solution. Although some may be put off by the fact that they do not share information regarding the type of equipment they use, or by their lack of always available support, their long track record and Best Support award seems to show that this company is serious about providing one of the best hosting solutions out there. The company has held its own for two years now and in today’s business market, that has got to mean something.

BlueHost More Information

1215 North Research Way, #Q3500
Orem, UT 84097
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BlueHost Details

BlueHost Plan Personal
Disk Space Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Month Cost $6.95
Operating System Linux
Control Panel cPanel
FTP Accounts Unlimited
Domains Allowed Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited
MySQL Databases 100
Easy Access Support Yes
CGI & Perl Yes
SSI Support Yes
Raw Logs Yes
Password Folders Yes
Anonymous FTP Yes
Telnet & SSH Yes
Adult Sites Allowed No